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Greetings, fabulous Earthlings!
It's your cosmic co-pilot, Cosmo A. Stronaut, here to tell you that Black Friday is approaching at warp speed, and it's time to go intergalactic with your sales game!

But hey, if the thought of tackling the tech side of things leaves you feeling like you've crash-landed on an alien planet, fear not!

Cosmo & Sara got your back.

 Picture this... You've got a stellar product, an eager audience, and Black Friday on the horizon.

Now, imagine a rocket-powered  sales system that propels your offer into the stratosphere! 

Zero Tech Stress! 
No need to navigate the treacherous tech terrain. You focus on your brand, your style, and your offer, and I'll handle the rest.


Ready... Set...

Sara Bernadette.png

Your business is an extension of you...

Let's launch you to the stars!

I'm Sara Bernadette the Potty-Mouth Corporate Rebel helping Not-So Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs launch their business into orbit without complicated tech using simple to implement Rocket Fueled Systems & Strategies. 

Cosmo & I are excited to help you Blast off into Black Friday Success with your new Rocket Fueled Sales Funnel!

Action makes it happen!


Imagine the freedom of being able to serve your new influx of customers with gusto, while we handle the tech wizardry behind the scenes.

Focus on Your Customers, We've Got the Rest

 Your brand, your style, your offer YOUR Success
That's what shines through. 

We're just here to make sure you 
Blast Off into Black Friday Success!



It's All About Your Success

Boost Sales

  Say hello to your very own Black Friday Sales System that seamlessly integrates with your brand. Your customers will feel like they've stepped into a futuristic shopping utopia that's uniquely yours.

Streamlined Checkout

We've crafted a checkout process smoother than sliding down a shooting star. It's so simple, your pet alien could do it

(if you had one)

Duplicatable & Scalable

Easily Reuse the funnel for next years Black Friday campaign or scale your business using the system for other flash deals to grow your audience.

  • How quickly can you set up my Black Friday sales page?
    We understand the urgency. We'll work diligently to have your sales page up and running within 7-14 days once we have all the pieces we need from you. The faster you get us what we need the faster your sales page will be up and running.
  • Do I need any technical skills to manage the sales page?
    Not at all. We provide you with a 1:1 training session to answer your specific questions about how to use the site, A recorded copy of this training will be provided to you. Also, the Wix platform is incredibly intuitive and has countless support options of their own to help you get the solutions you need. We even have affordable ongoing support plans to help you with updates and maintaining the site.
  • Can you customize the sales page to match my brand?
    Absolutely. Your sales page will be a reflection of your brand's unique identity and style. Custom graphics may be requested or can be provided for an additional cost to create the seamless integration into your current existing branding.
  • Will email marketing really make a difference?
    Yes, email marketing can significantly boost your Black Friday sales by re-engaging customers and reducing abandoned carts.
  • What if I need ongoing support after Black Friday?
    We offer a support packages to ensure your site continues to perform seamlessly even after the holiday rush. This sales page can easily be repurposed for regular sales and our support packages will allow for these updates to be easily done for you or if you prefer done with you. Our goal is always to empower you to become more tech savvy in your business so you can do more anytime you need!

What's Included

🌐 Sales Page:

We'll design a captivating, user-friendly sales page tailored to your brand and Black Friday offers.

📧 Lead Capture:

Capture valuable leads to grow your email list, allowing you to nurture customer relationships beyond the Black Friday excitement and be able to promote future promotions..

💳 Checkout Integration:

Seamless and secure checkout processes, reducing abandoned carts and ensuring a smooth purchasing experience.

💌 Email Marketing:

Harness the power of email marketing to recover abandoned carts, re-engage customers, and keep them informed about your Black Friday deals. 

🚀 Site Training:

We'll provide you with comprehensive training on how to manage orders and update your sales page effortlessly.

COSMIC BONUS:  1:1 call to Map out your Black Friday Marketing Plan laced up with a Rocket Fueled Sales Strategy!

*Plus Hosting & Domain Fees

Special Action
Taker Pricing


🛸 Ready to join our cosmic crew of successful entrepreneurs?
Let's make this Black Friday a launchpad for your dreams, not a crash landing of stress and confusion.



🌠 Secure Your Spot
Don't miss your chance to have your Black Friday sales page and system built to succeed.
Limited spots available, and they're disappearing faster than a meteor shower.

🚀 Buckle up, space cadet!
Your Black Friday blast-off is just a cosmic click away. Contact Cosmo A Stronaut now, and let's make this Black Friday out of this world!




Black Friday Success begins in...

Rocket Fueled Sales System Designed By Support Solutions Etc.

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