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5 ways to Reduce the Entrepreneurs Overwhelm and Stress.

What does your desk look like right this minute?

Go ahead... Grab your phone and take a picture of exactly what you are looking at.

Now how does your desk make you feel when trying to work your business?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Is the clutter making it hard to get things done or stay focused?

If a you were on a call with a client would you be embarrassed if they were standing in front of you? What if it was a video call and they accidentally saw your desk?

Could you find a important document immediately if you needed to or would you have to sort thought piles of paper and randomness before you located it? There are several ways you can reduce Overwhelm and Stress in your business and the best place to start is at the place that you spend most of your time at! Your DESK!

Your workspace is an important part of running your business believe it or not.

My desk isn't perfect but it is usually somewhat tidy so that I can easily find things. Everything has a designated spot so I can easily find things when I need them...except for my scissors...

They seem to grow legs and walk away often...

Struggles of sharing an office with my significant other I guess.

So if your desk is not bringing you some

peace and inspiration, lets fix it!

Here are 5 super easy ways you can get your desk organized and keep it that way so you can reduce any overwhelm or stress you are feeling and increase your productivity.

1. Tidy as you go. During any down time or lulls in your day. Take a quick second to just put things away that you have used. Put your pens back in the cup, put your stapler where it goes. Sort thought any paper clutter.

2. File what is important. File any papers that you need to immediately, if you can. If your filing cabinet is not right next to your desk like mine (it's on the other side of the room) then you can create a designate spot for papers that need to be filed. Then once a month (or once a week if you have a lot of papers) make time to get them all filed.

Having the designated spot for these important papers before they get to their final destination if you cannot get to them right away helps you find them quickly should you need them. You only have to look in ONE spot for them vs in several stacks all over your desk.

3. Clear the Clutter. Immediately toss or shred anything you do not need. This reduces clutter and removes anything that otherwise would just be in your way.

If you are worried you might need it you can do this just like you would your important files you cannot file right away. Have a designated space for stuff to shred then once a week empty it. This way if you happen to need it you still have it after a week it's not likely you still will need it and most things can be found again if need online.

Make sure you stay on top of this because you do not want to waste a whole day shredding because you let it pile up. If you do this weekly depending on the paper volume you have it should only take a couple moments.

4. Wrap up your day. Before you end work for the day (Keep office hours so you can balance time with your family and work.) Take 10 minutes to reset your desk. Put everything away and get anything you will need for the next day neatly stacked so you can find it.

5. Prepare for tomorrow. Make a to do list for the next day. Take a few minutes to give yourself a rough plan of things you don't want to forget to do for tomorrow. This helps you get started in the morning and helps you not waste time trying to figure out what do to in the morning. You also can add to it as you go through your emails in the morning and prioritize things in advance to keep you from getting distracted.

These simple steps will help you stay on top of the work you need to focus on, as well as reduce some of the clutter that distracts your focus. You do not have to go out and completely redo your office to match some "Pinterest Perfect" office space, but you can easily help your space work for you instead of against you. Clear some of the clutter so your space can inspire you a little more!

So... now that you have learned a few easy tricks to reduce the Business Overwhelm and Stress, take a couple minutes and tidy up your works space then take another picture and share it below!

How do you feel now?

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