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Do ALL the Things - Productivity with Ease.


So we cleaned up our desks, and we are still feeling overwhelmed and stressed about running our business online.

You didn't think that I would just tell you to clean up your workspace and suddenly everything would get easier did you?

I know how easily ALL the things that you have to do and keep track of as a business owner can add up. I have 3... yes THREE businesses that I run plus clients I coach in running their business and am only one person!

For me, one thing that I have found incredibly helpful is making to do lists.

I prefer to do this on a digital platform that lets me access things from my computer or my phone. I won't overwhelm you right now by introducing a new program for you to have to learn. (Though I will be creating a Free training and template for you on my favorite program very soon so make sure you keep an eye out for more details.)

This digital platform is user friendly and really flexible so it can grow with my businesses.

Each of my businesses have their own "profile" and I can track everything!

So you are probably thinking... OMG I have 100 lists in various places and I can never find them when I need them.

🙋‍♀️Hi there, I am Sara and I am addicted to buying cute notebooks that I fill a few pages of with lists then start a new one because I can't find it or forgot what notebook was for what.

Anyone else guilty of this?

This was one reason I moved to a digital option so I could make as many lists as I needed!

Here are some of the things I track for my business that have helped me keep things straight with ease and seriously reduce the overwhelm.


I keep track of my logins for the various programs I use in one list complete with links so I can easily launch the page I need from any computer. On this list I also keep notes of things I may need to copy and paste like links and written content I can post in multiple places.


Every client has their own mini profile so I can keep track of details I may need for them. From logins (as a website designer/virtual assistant) I sometimes have to log into their personal accounts in order to do what I need to to for them. I need a way to track what we have talked about so I can easily pull things up and pick up where we last were without trying to rely on my memory. It has links to shared folders where we share things I will need for building their website and a to-do list for what I need to do next for them directly.


This is a no-brainer for sure but my business has it's own list of to-do's that need to be completed. I have a running list and can rearrange things as they need to be prioritized.

☑️ POST IDEAS: Since I have a Blog and do my marketing on social media, I need to create posts to engage my audience and share more details about what I do. I like to do a brain dump and just quickly add some post ideas to this list. This lets me get the idea out of my head and then when I have extra time I can sit down and pick an idea from the list to expand on. It also helps be build a list of ready to post content for the weekends and days where I just cannot think of what to post.


Since my products are 100% original products I also have a list of ideas of things I have thought of that would make an excellent product to share with you guys. I can refer to this list anytime I need to when I am creating something new to share with you guys. This list includes anything from courses, workshops, printables, and events.

A great example of one of the ideas on this list is my "Not-So Tech Savvy Entrepreneur - LIVE Q&A.

It's a brand new idea and I created it to be able to help you guys get your burning tech questions answered.

This live Q & A is going to be held on the Last Monday of Every Month at 5 pm GMT (AZ time) Check out the EVENTS tab on the Facebook Group for the details!

What is your favorite way to track your business tasks?

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