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Learning new tech have you feeling unproductive in your business?

I feel so... unproductive!

When you are running a business nothing makes you feel more unproductive than getting hung up on trying to figure out how to use a new program.

This feeling is amplified 10 fold when you are trying to start a new business and have to set the program up from scratch.

Then it is amplified 100 fold when you haven't been able to use it for months because of how much time it takes you to do anything that you push it aside forever and when you finally have extra time to work with it you have to practically start all over again teaching yourself how to use it again!

This leaves you unable to put the program to use for your business keeping you from being able to grow. I have seen this happen countless times with programs like Web Site builders, Invoicing Systems, and Customer Management programs.

This is exactly why I created, The Not-So Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs group on Facebook.

I wanted to provide training and tips on how to minimize feeling like you are getting no where!

Often this feeling of unproductive feeling is accompanied by sheer overwhelm as you watch the things that you should be doing pile up on top of all the new things you need to try to learn how to do so you can start using the program effectively.

I spend countless hours playing around with new programs all the time. I do this so that I can learn them and be able to help you learn them too. I show you ways to minimize the overwhelm and share easy to learn, not complicated tech programs to help you run your business more smoothly and with confidence.

Come join us if you are tired of feeling unproductive in your business and want to feel like the Bad Ass Boss that you are!

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