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So let's talk about websites...

I know for a fact if you are reading this then you have used a website...

And it's pretty likely depending on where you are reading this you are a business owner or looking to start your own business but tech just isn't your thing.

So you can fall into one of three categories.

You don't have a website and just use social media to market your business.


You have paid someone to build you a website but have no idea how to make updates.


You have tried to build your own website and either hate it and gave up or you managed to get something together that was decent.

So I know that there are lots of options out there when it comes to getting a website for your business.

Many of us are blown away by how expensive having one build can be depending on what you want your site to do. So we often fall into all 3 categories and after the sticker shock wears off we opt to try to do it ourselves only to get frustrated with clunky and hard to use site builders and then find ourselves back at square one with just a social media presence.

Now, some business models, social media only could work... But in nearly ALL instances... Not having a website is actually hurting your business BIG time.

I complied this list of the...

Top 10 Reasons your business needs a website.

1. Connect with your audience effortlessly.

A website is great for when you are in a hurry. You have bumped into someone or are at an Networking meeting and meeting lots of potential clients in one go. Ask for their email then give them your website in a message later.

2. Your Website is like a Digital Business Card/Resume/Brochure all rolled into one.

When you have a good website representing your business or you online then you have a very convenient way to give a potential customer all the information they need to know about you. Who you are, what you do & how you can help them.

Good for the environment? Sure.

Good for your business? Absolutely

3. Your website provides credibility to your business.

The Psychology of a Customer could be an entire college degree with a whole class strictly on how your customers interact with your business online.

Customers look for certain factors to determine if they feel comfortable enough to give your business their hard earned money. Weather or not your business has a website could be the deciding factor on weather or not they will reach out to you.

Even if 100% of your customers come to you through social media and never use the contact feature on your site....The reason they decided to reach out could be because they liked what they saw on your website. Social media was just the more convenient way for them to reach out.

4. Your website protects your business.

Registering the business name with your state then purchasing that domain name protects your business from having someone else purchasing that domain and creating a business with the same name. If you own all the usernames and the domain for the business no one else can start using them and confuse your customers. It also gives you some additional proof that you are the owner by having access to the sites back end.

5. Your website protects your business... YES again!

Running your business solely on social media puts you at a great risk of losing everything over night. Check out my Case Study (COMING SOON) - Delgado Photography AZ for all the details of how this effected her business.

Tracy almost completely lost her photography business overnight when she woke up to find that Facebook had DELETED her profile, her husbands and her business page with no notice and not explanation. She can only suspect that it was due to posting photos from a photo shoot that used a hashtag that Facebook was not agreeing with.

If she had not had a website for her clients to still be able to find her (and luckily her Instagram account despite Facebook owning both platforms.) She would have had to start over from complete scratch with her business.

6. Your website gives you more control over your time.

If you do not have a place online that addresses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) then all of those questions have to be answered by someone or the potential client will do one of two things.

A. Just move on to someone else that gives them the answers without them having to call.


B. Call your or message you to get the answer. If you have a lot of interest in your business then this could mean spending a lot of time glued to your phone answering the same questions over and over again.

By having a website that has a clear spot for FAQ's you can help alleviate some of these call and how much time you have to spend answering repeat questions.

7. Share valuable information that will help your audience from your website.

This blog is an example of a great way to share valuable information with your audience. It creates a space that has all of your useful tips and knowledge about a subject together in one place. Helping them with free tips that make a difference in their life will have them coming back for more and sharing it with their friends.

8. Your website can be shared.

If someone reads a useful tip on your blog and it makes a big difference in their life then they are likely to share it with their friends so they can learn the info too. This helps your business grow as more eyes see all that you have to offer.

9. Showcase all the services you offer on your website.

There are many avenues that a customer will come to your business. I help the Not-So Tech Savvy Entrepreneur learn new tech to gain confidence in running their business online. I also build websites, design logos or business cards, I am also a Business Coach. Depending on which avenue a client has come to me they may not be aware that I can also help them in these other ways. My site gives them an opportunity to not only get to know me but also see what else I offer. I have gotten several sales of other services because a customer saw on my website I could help them with it. No need to go search around for another company and start over when we already have the rapport build from our first interaction.

10. Your website makes business running your easier.

If you have your website built well and it has features that let your clients get answers or fill out forms or upload a file to you or place an order with you or log in to see exclusive content that they pay to have access to then your website is a integral part of your team. It can help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. It can help you make more sales, it can help you provide a service to your clients with out needing to have a physical location. You can reach more clients and help more people.

If used correctly it is like having an extra employee. One that doesn't require a huge salary or health insurance or time off or a Christmas Bonus and if you are a solo entrepreneur then that is priceless!

Ready to see what a website can do for your business?

Schedule your free Business Brainstorm Session and let's brainstorm some ideas for a website for your business.

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